Thursday, November 22, 2018

Interesting Facts about "KAMASUTRA".

1.It is the Sanskrit word.The meaning of ‘Kama’ is desire and the meaning of  ‘Sutra’ is that holds things together. Therefore,the meaning of ‘Kamasutra’ is that the guidelines throughout which all your sexual needs or desires can be fulfilled and are held together.

2.The Kamasutras sexual positions are  the most famous in the whole world and the important fact is that these positions only cover twenty percent of the entire book.

3.And the remaining other eight percent talks about its theories and the other philosophies of life, which teaches one how to do the love for the prolonged period of time and initiate the required desire.

4.There are around one thousand two hundred and fifty (1,250) verses which are divided into seven ( 7 ) parts and further divided into thirty six (36) chapters in Kamasutra which are  written by the Vatsyayana.

5.The meaning which is explained in the   the book is totally different from the other books which has such topics covered, because it not only serves as a guide to warn against how dangerous or the destruction it would create,but it also serves as the path to find the desired pleasure from it.