Wednesday, December 12, 2018

How to look hot ?

How to look hot?
Who doesn't want's to look good or hot both the genders do many things to look hot, be it the dressing style,makeup, fitness and what not.Looking hot just gives you the inner confidence so here are some important tips that you must follow to look hot and sexy:

1. Rolled-up sleeves. When you roll up your sleeves it makes you much hotter if you got some forearm's.

2. Tattoos. Tattoos make you look more hotter as they are very catchy and attractive if you have it on your biceps.

3. Hairs. A cool trendy hairstyle just gives an uplift to your appearance.

4. Beard. A well groomed beard makes you feel more manly as it gives you a heavy look to your face.

5. EXERCISE .Just get to hit the gym or run and shed that extra fat and you will start looking effortlessly hot. When you workout, your posture will also improve and that will make you look way more attractive and very hot.