Saturday, February 9, 2019



PUBG is the very famous online battle game which left behind FORTNITE and FREEFIRE  in this year 2018.
It is one of the most trendy game and the most downloaded game.Although most of the teenagers are attracted to its chicken dinner.It has also taken over the internet with various cases that has happened all over the globe.A certain sort of nuisance is created by this game, as it is addictive and the addiction is par the level for some of them because they get totally involved in their character.
Now the question is that the most popular game is really banned?
This is the notice below which was circulated all over the internet and kept all the PUBG players in shock.

But let me tell you guys the above letter which was circulated is TOTALLY FAKE and their is no legal action being taken against the game so just chill and enjoy your chicken dinner.

Their is no point on banning this game because their are so many games all over the internet which are as addictive and has also created certain type of nuisance but those game where not banned nor any serious action was taken against it.

The game makers have also banned players for using certain hacks.PUBG also got a ban wave in which they shut more than 30,000 accounts for playing the game illegally or by using certain cheat codes.

But the game will not be BANNED unless and until a proper legal notice is generated.Till then you all enjoy the game.WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!