Thursday, January 31, 2019

11 year old boy writes letter to government to ban PUBG

11 year old boy writes letter to government to ban PUBG..

Please ban the game writes this 11 year old boy to the government.He has sent the letter to the education minister regarding the ban of game Players Unknown Battleground as soon as possible. He has written in the letter, due to lots of nuisance created by this game, it should be banned immediately or some strict action must be taken against this addictive game.

This little kids name is Azad Nizam who stays in Mumbai and is studing in a school.

In the four page letter he has said that the game Players Unknown Battleground (PUBG) due to this online game players are becoming violent which is causing the society by various crimes such as murder , aggressiveness and deadly addiction.He says that if the game is not banned he would file a legal complaint against the game in the court.

The craze of this online game (PUBG) is further increasing in the youngster's day by day.We can see the total madness in the young generation who are playing this game.On asking some of them some say they play to release their stress and some say they play the game to build some concentration.

PUBG has not remained as a game today but it has become the addiction amongst the youth.Parents should immediately take some serious steps before the child goes in any depression.

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