Thursday, January 17, 2019

If you are downloading the movie from torrent, BEWARE....

If you are downloading from torrent, "BEWARE" Watch the full video here.

URI: THE SURGICAL STRIKE which was released on 11th January and from then the film has been praised by many for the overall movie.The movie is about secret operation which was performed beyond the border.There where many positive reviews about the film as well the movie is doing great on the box office.

So if you think you can download the movie easily from the torrent then wait you just have to give a look at this video before you think you can easily download the pirated copy from the internet.

Here is the full video of what exactly happened with the guy who downloaded the movie from  torrent :

The guy uploaded the video on the social media and within no time the video went viral and got many likes, shares and comments too. What actually happened was ,when the guy downloaded the movie from the torrent their was a sudden SURGICAL STRIKE made on his computer screen by Vicky Kaushal and Yami Gautam which said don't downloaded the movie illegally rather watch it in theaters.

The makers of the movie want people to stop watching the movie illegally by downloading the pirated copies circulated all over the internet.They intentionally uploaded the 3.80 GB video file on torrent which said "BEWARE OF PIRACY" and shooked the viewers.They have really done a great job by adding this scene in the pirated copy.

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