Friday, January 11, 2019

Mia Khalifas real name/networth

What is Mia Khalifa's real name?

Mia khalifa was born on February 10th 1993.
Originally she is from Beirut Lebanon and later on in 2001 she moved to United states of America due to some conflicts in her native place.Her real name is MIA CALLISTA.She has completed her graduation from University of Texas and she also holds Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

She is currently ranked number 1 po*nstar in the world and the most searched female po*nstar on the search engine as well.She came into the limelight after she was filmed in a hijab and according to the islam it is the holy attire and there was a  controversy made on it.

What is her Net worth?
Her Net worth is around 2 million dollars (it is an estimated figure). She also promotes various brands.Also she is amongst the highest paid actors in the industry.

She has a good number of followers on Instagram with more then 13 million fans and also a huge fan following on Twitter as well.She has appeared in many adult films.She has also appeared in the Spanish language TV game show.Even she has her own YouTube channel and her channels name is Mia Khalifa Official which has around 141k subscribers.