Thursday, January 17, 2019

Deepak kalal badly beaten on the highway of Gurgaon in Delhi...

Deepak Kalal was beaten on the highway of Gurgaon in Delhi.

As many of us know who is Deepak Kalal as he makes YouTube videos and he is also very popular on Facebook and Instagram as well. But those who don't know him, he is an internet sensation and fiance of Rakhi sawant.

He makes vulgar videos which is loved by some and also hated by many of them. He has also appeared on the Indian television in Indias Got Talent. Within no time he became popular amongst the youth as they found this guy funny and entertaining.

A lot's of trolls and many funny memes where made on him which went viral on the social media.He came into the limelight after posting his wedding card on the social media with the model Rakhi Sawant and the internet was blown by this news.

Recently he was seeing beaten on the streets of Delhi. Why was he beaten by a stranger?

According to the man who is hitting him hard says that his video's are even watched by the
infant's and have a bad effects on their life and their attitude and also watched by others who feel its vulgar. So he is telling him to stop from doing so while going on Facebook live and the video went viral within no time.

So what according to you the man who is hitting him did right or should he file an FIR against Deepak Kalal by not taking the laws in his hands or is it a publicity stunt by Deepak Kalal.
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