Tuesday, January 8, 2019

What made SACRED GAMES a hit web series?

What made SACRED GAMES a hit web series?

The first indian web series was released on the famous media-service giant Netflix on July 2018 and within no time the series was superhit according to the reports. Although the memes where flooded throughout the social media and many of the dialogue's went viral all over the internet.The web series which faced many censor board restrictions and had some bad time in releasing the series even though it was a super hit show.Whatever the series is about all the characters in it have really played their roles very well and so the show was very popular within no time.

So what made it a hit web series?
The story is based on Mr. Vikram Chandra's novel which had the same title in the year 2006 and so it was brought up on screen by the famous writer's and the director's.The story was packed with mystery,thriller and crime. All the mixture of this thing made it a very popular web series and the other thing is obviously the social media which went wild after it's release.
Which characters made it happen?

One of the most talented actor of this era.
He played the lead role in the series named Ganesh gaitonde who is shown as the gangster of mumbai and the whole story revolved around him.

He played the role of police officer who works as an undercover agent after his suspension from the police department and works for the RAW agent.

She played a very interesting character of a RAW agent who came to investigate the case of the crime lord Mr. Ganesh gaitonde.

She played the role of a transgender named Kuku in the series  which also became very popular and that character gave her an identity as she had done a really good job.