Thursday, February 28, 2019

5G service to be launched in 2021

5G service to be launched in 2021..

According to the biggest telecome phone manufacturer giant "Nokia" has said that by 2021 5G service is expected to be launched in India and many other developed countries.
It is just an upgrade to the existing 4G technology and the speed is said to be faster by 25 times than 4G.

According to the information received by the CEO of the company has said that the 5G service is initially to be launched in America,South Korea,India,china and many other developing nations and also the developed nations as well.Till 2021 the 5G service is said to be launched.According to the source some of the vendors are restricted to use the service and because of this the service would not be as cheaper as the current 4G technology.But it is not very clear that the price would rise or fall.

What is 5G technology?
It is basically the 5 th generation technology. It is an ecosystem so their are no issues of copyright or anyone's control over the technology. It is 25 times more faster than the current 4G technology.It has the high data rate transfer, it is energy saving, it is cost reducing, it has the higher system capacity and also the device connectivity is massive.

Earlier this year Mukesh Ambani has also announced his Jio 5G technology is almost ready and would be launching in the year 2020.

Due to majority of the Chinese companies has the petent of this technology many of them have opposed to it because the prices of the devices would go up so it may delay the technology to come in the real world.