Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mia khalifa celebrates 13 MILLION followers on Instagram..

Mia  khalifa celebrates 13 MILLION followers on Instagram..CHECK HERE HOW SHE CELEBRATED 

Well many of our friends put our very disgusting photos just for fun purpose and we feel very embarrassed at that time, well we rather stay away from such sh*t posting of our own photos but Mia Khalifa doesn't seem to hesitate to upload her the most embarrassing photo on Instagram.

Many of us know what photos she uploads so there is no big damn thing if she uploads an embarrassing photo of her on instagram to celebrate her 13 MILLION followers.She has literally gone wild on the social media platform and feels crazy about it.

The embarrassing photo which she uploaded on her Instagram account.

She writes:
In honor of lucky number 13 MILLION followers, I will share with y’all the single most embarrassing night of my life @rarachelray decided to make me a bed of towels in her BATHTUB because I wouldn’t stop throwing up on everything and everyone. Yes, that is throw up in my hair, yes, she was almost just as drunk as me and still managed to play mommy, yes, I am a f*ckng lightweight because I only had 6 drinks. So there ya go. I still have the stains on my carpet to remind me of it every day the following day consisted of ordering $120 worth of Whataburger and lots of cringing from hearing what I did in the midst of my blackout #ThisIsWhyIDontDrink #FreshmanForever

Few months ago she has also celebrated on her 11 MILLION FOLLOWERS on Instagram.
And now she has more than 13 MILLION followers which is far more than some countries total population and it is all because of her popularity in the industry she has gained and also due to some terrifying controversies she had faced.