Thursday, February 7, 2019

PUBG takes life of a 19 year old boy.

PUBG takes life of 19 year old boy from Mumbai.

There' a very shocking news from Mumbai a 19 year old boy committed suicide because he didn't got the new phone worth Rs.37000/- to play PUBG.The incident took place in Kurla Nehru Nagar (Mumbai). There's an investigation been taking place by the Mumbai Police regarding this matter.

This 19 year old boy Nadeem Shaikh used to stay in Kurla west Nehru Nagar with his elder brother and his mom.He used to work as a delivery boy in a restaurant which is in Kurla west.His family was dependent on his elder brother Irfan Shaikh.He was so addicted to this game that he demanded for a new phone which was worth Rs 37000/- and was unaffordable for family members to give him such an high end phone.

According to the information he asked for money from his elder brother Irfan Shaikh.He any how arranged  20000 Rs/- and gave it to him.But the phone which Nadeem demanded was worth Rs 37000/- so he asked for more money from his elder brother Irfan but he was unable to give extra money due to which he took the extreme step by hanging himself to the ceiling fan by 4pm in the afternoon.When his mom returned home at 5pm she saw him hanging and she screamed loudly.And after that he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead immediately.