Tuesday, February 12, 2019

See here Dhonis respect towards the national flag..

Mahendra Singh Dhoni's respect towards the national flag was appreciated by the audience..

Although India lost the third and decisive T20 match against New Zealand which they tried to follow but failed, the former skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni has taken action from the participants in the field and the mind of every Indian watching the match on TV. When the match started, one of the Dhoni fan who came running to him, he had a national flag in his hands. He bends down to touch Dhoni's feet, the tricolor in the hands of the fan was on the ground as he was unaware and when Ms Dhoni saw that the flag which was touching the ground he himself took the tricolour from the fan in his own hands and then a security guard chased the fan to catch him.Seeing this love for the nation and also for the national flag, all Indians pride in dignity.

India decided to field first by winning the toss in the T20 against New Zealand.An uncertain thing happened during the match which was caught on the camera's.

Watch the full video what actually happened on the ground which will increase your respect towards Ms Dhoni:

Dhoni is very much appreciated and loved at all levels. The main good thing about him is his cool temperament. Dhoni's ability to win as fast as possible, and his ability to win the game especially in the final overs as he finishes off in style and so also called as the best finisher in the world.The captain of the game, has already made everyone's heart proud. Now, this action on the field has increased the respect of his fans.The video of Ms Dhoni is becoming very viral on the social media and has taken over the internet.