Thursday, February 14, 2019

Whats app may BAN you for this reasons...

What's app may BAN you for this reasons...

For many of us what's app has become a daily need or a necessity in our day to day life.Some of us are so much addicted to it that if a phone vibrates or pop's up they are very eager to know what message it is even while driving.Although what's app is facing too much critic's in the country and also due to increase in fake news and the other haox that is spreading within minutes what's app has made some strict rule's so that the things could be brought in control or rather completely stop such things from spreading.Even this fake news has taken many lives so what's app has made some strict policies against it and if you don't follow this policies you may be banned without any prior notice.
Here are some of the reasons you may be banned from using what's app:

1.Not following what's app terms and conditions.

When you install what's app it asks you if you agree with its terms and conditions if you don't follow those then you will be banned though if any of the user has not filed any legal complaint against you,your what's app account will be banned.

2.For sending Offensive, adult content, illegal and threat messages.

If you send any of the above mentioned messages to anyone on what's app you may be banned.

3.For encouraging harsh offence messages.

If you encourage a harsh offensive message by sending it or forwarding it to anyone you may be banned for that.

4.For creating a fake account.

If you create a fake account on anybody else's name you may be banned even for this.

5.For sending long or to many messages.

If you send a very long or too many messages to the person who isn't in your contact list you may be banned.

6.For sending viruses or malware.

With the help of what's app if you send any kind of file or link that contains virus or malware you may be banned.

7.For tempering with the code.

If you change the core code or do code tempering you may be banned.

8.For hacking or spying.
If you try to hack or spy with the help of what's app you may be banned.

9.Blocked by many.

If you are blocked by many of the users you may be banned.

10.Many complaint's about you.

What's app gives the feature of reporting any user.If many users report you then you will be banned by what's app.

11.For using what's app plus.

If you use the third party application that is what's app plus then what's app has the right to ban you.

12.Trying to spread the religious hate messages.

If you send any religious hate message or any other religious hate speech which may hurt someone's sentiments what's app my ban you for this.