Friday, March 22, 2019

Be Careful ! Change your Facebook password , Facebooks data has leaked again...

Be Careful ! Change your Facebook password , Facebook's data has leaked again...

Everyone here Be careful and change your Facebook's password as soon as possible because the password data of Facebook has been leaked again of millions of users. Password of around 60 crore users is visible to the employee's of the Facebook who are working and it could risk your privacy.

According to the Economic times 20 to 60 crore Facebook users password was stored in a text format and this text format was leaked amongst the employee's of Facebook. Till now Facebook has not given any clarification to the users about this issue.

Facebook has apologised to the users about the data leak and has advised the users by sending notification to change their passwords as soon as possible. The Facebook committee would look into this matter and its enquiry would take around 2 months to recognise the issue of data leak.

Facebook is the most renowned social media platform. In the last year the data of around 5 crore users was leaked and it shocked its users but Facebook told only data of 3 crore users was leaked amongst the 5 crores. In India their are more than 16 crore active Facebook users.

This is not the first time that the Facebook data has been leaked before this due to technical fault private photos and personal information of around 68 lakh users was leaked for which Facebook has apologised its users.
So Be careful and change your passwords immediately.