Monday, March 4, 2019

OMG! This bike is worth Rs. 72 lakhs.

OMG! This bike is worth Rs. 72 lakhs...

It is one of the costliest bike in the world which is worth Rs. 72 lakhs. Kawasaki Ninja H2R is the first and the only bike which will be delivered in India. The company has told that it would only deliver this single powerful bike in the whole year. This beast is the world's first 4-stroke supercharged motorbike. In this super bike the heat gain is minimum so their is no need of the intercooler in this to keep the engine cool.

The kawasaki India motors private limited's Managing director Naoki Matsumoto said that , " We are very happy on delivering our flagship bike Ninja H2R in India. Kawasaki has shocked the whole world by launching this flagship Super bike. Ninja H2R is the world's first Super charged hyper sports bike. It is the proud moment for the company to deliver its first unit to India. Let us tell you one thing that this bike is not yet a road legal bike that means this bike cannot be driven on the public roads. And also the bike has no registration number yet.

Lets check out what are the features of the bike Kawasaki Ninja H2R's :
The battery of this bike is charged by the supercharger 998 cm3 which is  in-house digital charging. The bike can generate a maximum power of 240 kilo-watts. It can also generate a torque of 165 Nm. For the smooth shifting of gear , a dodge ring transmission is provided in it. It has a tough aluminium intake chamber. It also has electronic throttle valve in it.