Saturday, March 2, 2019

Soon whats app may start DIGITAL MONEY TRANSFER..

Soon whats app may start DIGITAL MONEY TRANSFER..

Many of us may have heard about the "BITCOIN" i.e Digital money and it is also called as "CRYPTO CURRENCY". The price of 1 BITCOIN is far more than a dollar. Many of them are also investing in this Crypto currency to gain highest returns in future because the future is like to be all about the digital money and it may replace the real money.

So very soon you may be able to use the Crypto Currency on What's app. Very soon they are bringing this Digital coin on Facebook and What's app so you can have digital transactions via What's App.

On the internet their is a alot of buzz about this Crypto Currency and many of them have already started using this Digital Money. On the basis of this Facebook is going to launch new digital coins on What's App. This coins are very simple to use like you send a message to anyone. There will be some value ​​of each coin's in dollars and related currency of the country. Accordingly, the money can be transacted by sending certain coins.

On asking about this Digital Currency Facebook has avoided giving any feedback about this. This idea is implemented on an experimental basis, then it will be realized if it succeeds, sources from What's aap have said.