Sunday, June 30, 2019

Why do women close their eyes during physical connection ? Know the reason...

Why do women close their eyes during a physical connection? Know the reason here...

During the physical connection, not only the two bodies come closer, but there is also a feeling in them which comes closer. When two people are intimate with each other, there are many questions which arise in their mind. Many people have lots of questions in their mind about their sexual life. But no one talks about it freely with anyone.

Often there is a question in men's mind which they never talk about it with their partner openly. They ask why do women close their eyes during physical connection? Some women do not close their eyes while some do. Let's us know the secret why women close their eyes and its advantages.

According to the research, there is no control of sneezing. While sneezing we close our eyes, in the same way, women could not open their eyes by doing anything while enjoying supreme happiness. At the same time, the gland has a fluid discharge, which sends a message to the brain to close its eyes.

According to the survey, if a woman closes her eyes during a physical connection it means she is in full physical relation at this time. If women open her eyes that means the attention of her is removed. This creates a barrier in reaching the climax.

The women who have physical relation with their partner for the first time, they have some slight discomfort. That is why they first close their eyes and makes these aware that they are easy to remove the discomfort. It is, therefore, a normal matter to close the eyes during a physical connection.