Friday, June 28, 2019

Why do women give more importance to cuddling than intercourse ?

Why do women give more importance to cuddling than intercourse?

Why do women like having more cuddling during a physical connection? On the other hand, means prefer intercourse than cuddling.

Women get much more pleasure in cuddling more time. They feel good by doing this with their loved ones. But what is the main reason behind this?

According to the research, there is some scientific reason for each and every action or purpose of a person's life. We are very eager to do such actions, which makes us happy and the experience of this happiness comes when the brain stimulates some love hormones.

If we keep aside the scientific reason's, then there is also much other romantic reason's. This is the reason why women like to cuddle more. If cuddling is done for a few times can make your relationship twice better and stronger. In the long journey of the relationship, one has to enjoy each and every small movement of love that can strengthen your relationship.

Let us know more about why women love to cuddle, here are the following reasons :

1. Feeling of love
During cuddling your partner is more comfortable and can understand you more about your love and concern. Those things get more of them. They also feel good because of the heat emitted by the body. This love hug provides them with ease and feels comfortable.

2. They feel more attractive
Any women feel good when they think they are very attractive and they feel that in cuddling. When you take them by the hands of passion, they are proud of their beauty.

3. Oxytocin hormones are released
This is the scientific reason. When a woman is cuddled they feel good. At this time they release their feel-good hormones i.e Oxytocin hormones.
4. The sense of security
Your cuddling creates a secure feeling in your partner. This is the time when they throw out the fear from their heart and are along with you at that moment.

5. They are tension free
During cuddling, women forget about the things around the world and feel relaxed in the arms of their partner. These moments are there for them to relieve stress. They feel very stress-free at this time.