Monday, September 2, 2019

Amazing facts about the character Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix...

Amazing facts about the character Joker played by Joaquin Phoenix...

The very famous and the most loved villain of all time The Joker, from the movie Batman has taken over the internet since its final trailer launch of the movie. There has been a lot of buzz around the social media about the character which is played by Joaquin Phoenix who is one of the finest actors of Hollywood.

The Final trailer which was released on YouTube the last week has been appreciated by the fans and people can't wait for its release date. The trailer has already crossed over 24 million views within 4 days. In this two and a half minute trailer, Phoenix is ​​seen in his best style. This film will not only reduce Joker's conflict with Batman but also better narrate the story of becoming a villain due to some circumstances. How a person like Joker has to struggle in a cruel society, this will be seen in the film.

Let us tell you some facts about the character Joker :

The first fact is that, before the shooting of this film, Joaquin Phoenix had lost 23 kg for the role of Joker. Although he had no idea about why he is losing weight for his character, but he was doing what he was told to do it by the directors of the movie. Phoenix had said that I still find some things about this character quite complex and some I have not understood but I have no problem with it. The second fact is that he had practised the evil laugh of the character many times to give it a perfect shot, this has taken a lot of time practising.

The film is directed by Todd Phillips. There is a great response from the audience and the makers are hoping that many of them will turn to the theatre's when the movie releases. The film is said to be released on October 4, 2019.