Thursday, September 12, 2019

Anushka Sharma is looking hot in these bikini photos that she shared...

Anushka Sharma is looking hot in these bikini photos that she shared...

In a recent interview given to American television sports reporter Graham Bensinger, Virat revealed many secrets about his and Anushka's first meeting and there connection. Virat told that when he first met Anushka Sharma, he was very nervous. Virat told that for the first time he met Anushka was during the shooting of a shampoo advertisement. During that time, he was feeling very nervous in front of the actress.

Virat, who hails from Delhi, said that the shooting of the Ad film lasted for 3 days. Meanwhile, a conversation between the two began. Then slowly the two became friends. In 2013, this friendship turned into love and then both decided to get married. This was the secret that he revealed while talking on the American Television.

Anushka Sharma's hot bikini photos are currently being viral on the social sites. These days more than any of her films or any other project, she is being talked much about her private photos on the social media. Anushka Sharma, who was trolled much for her bikini pics and their were many memes made on her, once again she has shared beach photos on social media. In the photo's we can see her dancing and enjoying in water. Also she has captioned the photo in Hindi saying herself a "Waterbaby".

These are the latest photo's that she has uploaded on Instagram :

Along with Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli has also shared a very romantic beach photo with his wife. In this picture, Virat is seen resting on  Anushka's lap and both of them are undoubtedly looking very hot.

This is the photo that Virat kohli shared :

Let us tell you that these beach photos are taken in West Indies while team India was on tour.