Sunday, September 15, 2019

Zareen Khan was badly trolled for uploading this photo...

Zareen Khan was badly trolled for uploading this photo...

Recently Bollywood Actress Zareen Khan was seen in Rajasthan. While she was there for a shoot she has uploaded several photo's of her on her Instagram account. She was trolled by many for sharing one of these photos. She was trolled for her stretch marks on her stomach. While many of them Anushka Sharma and many of her fans came into her support and slammed those trollers.

In the picture, Zareen is seen at a beautiful location, in the picture and has captioned it as 'City of Lakes'.
This is the photo that she uploaded:

While facing so many trolls she could not keep her calm and slammed her troller's on Twitter as well as on Instagram. This is what she tweeted :
'When I posted the photo on Instagram, it was not because I could do some shows off.' Shortly after that, Zareen shared a post on Instagram, in which she said that "Without photoshop one can look like this I was shooting a travel show in Udaipur and I had a very beautiful view around me, the purpose of posting that picture was that people could admire that beautiful view. I look at my account and I wanted to show myself as a common man. It was not for a magazine cover where your photos are improvised by photoshopping without wanting to, and you are introduced in a certain way. Unfortunately, I read a few comments where all the attention was on the stretch marks of my stomach. Although there are many apps available to correct photos today, I did not feel the need to do so. '

The 32-year-old actress, who was subjected to body shaming for the picture, says, " Those people know that when someone loses a lot of weight, Marks remains on your body. I weighed over 100 kg and I have lost over 50 kg without any surgery. These are the people who criticize social media, who say that celebs are fake and when I started showing some truth, they wanted me to hide it. ' This is what she said in her defence.