Thursday, October 17, 2019

Men make these mistakes when they are with their partner...

Men make these mistakes when they are with their partner...

Men often over-exaggerate their performance, but in reality, most of the time they are unaware or have no idea what their partner really wants. According to a recent survey, most of the men are not as good lovers as they think of themselves. As far as basic information is concerned, men often make serious mistakes when they are with their partner. We are going to tell you about such common mistakes.

Even during the special time, it is not known why, but it has been seen that many men remain silent even during that special occasion. They think what they are doing is right, while their partner is feeling lonely at the same time, which they are unaware because they are busy in their activity. It is not like that you just go on speaking, but to show your adventures, you can share your feelings with your partner.

1. Don't be too quick
Always remember one thing, that more time you spend in, the more you will enjoy during those special moments. Don't be quick, enjoy the activity slowly. Don't be like Vicky Kaushal from Lust Stories.

2. Do not kiss too much
You feel like doing so as you watch in the movies, but not all women like this act for a prolonged period. So keep it simple and enjoyable. Many women feel uncomfortable with kissing, while the doctor's opinion is also not very good about this.

3. Give them a soft feel
Some men feel that the harder they are, the more their partner will enjoy. But sometimes women want to feel those special moments to the depths of the heart. Start with ease, and always keep asking for their choice, preferred position etc. If they want anything else.

4. Keep the whole body in mind
If you want your partner to be happy, then you should take care of their whole body while performing the act. Apart from the neck and thighs, there are many other parts that take their excitement to another level. Do not ignore those parts.

5. Remember not to be too Rough or too sweet
It is what you see in the movies, their actions, their performance and try to act like that, but everything doesn't work. It is not that they will not like your rough way, but keep in mind the needs of them and their body. But you should not be too rough.