Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Perfect way to propose the girl you love...

Perfect way to propose the girl you love...

After all, you've already found the person you've been looking for a long time, so don't delay much and propose her immediately. If you don't know how to propose, then let us tell you here are some of the best ideas to propose.

1. In Dramatic Style :

If you want to propose your girl in a dramatic way, take her to a play and then request the theatre group to give you a chance to propose your girl. Then climb on the stage and openly tell your heart to your girl in front of everyone. She will definitely like your style and feel special. 

2. Take her to her favourite place :

You must know your girl's favourite place. Call her there and then put your proposal in front of her. Also, tell her what good moments you have spent with her and make her feel special. She will be impressed and definitely say yes on this style of yours.

3. Propose her in Get Together party :

Organize a get-together party at your home or in a hotel. At that party, you can carry a printed T-shirt like 'Will you Marry Me' or her name printed on it. What is there then, propose her in front of everyone. She will never deny if you propose in this style.

4. Make a Sketch of her :

Ask a cartoonist to make many sketches of you and your girl. The sketches should be like in which you are proposing to your girl and she is accepting your proposal. With this, you can propose your lover in a very simple way and win her heart.

5. Making a lovely cake :

You can get your girls favourite cake made from a bakery shop and write a romantic quote on it and propose her while cutting the cake. 

(Note - After doing any of the above things you still get rejected " Tho Teri shakal he gandi hai".)