Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Here are commonly made mistakes by men and women in relationship...

Here are commonly made mistakes by men and women in the relationship...

The beginning of every relationship is very good, but with time it starts showing its colours and the real relationship starts to fade. Despite the partner's being positive about each other, sometimes they do not remain in their relationship. This happens because of the different perspective. Gradually, when you start to understand each other deeply, then you know their attitude and see many things are completely different. Every person has different thinking and needs regarding a relationship. Many times we get so carried away in the relationship that we forget about our own happiness.

Don't expect anything :

It is not a wrong thing to expect from your partner, but there is a difference between expecting and expecting more than expected, its the human tendency we expect a lot from our loved once. If you have very high expectations from your partner, then your relationship may also deteriorate. Like your partner likes to party every weekend which you don't like at all. In such a situation, if you stop them, then both of you will lose the relationship. It is good that you understand them and do not raise false expectations.

Do not force to make any physical contact or relations :

Many couples come into the relationship only for this. Not all people are the same so for many of them, it is as important as emotions. Never make a physical connection for your happiness and need, think about the person if he/she is interested in you. If you do not wish, then you can refuse it, because a forced relationship will only give you stress.

What do you want from a relationship :

If you are thinking of getting into a relationship with someone, then first ask yourself what do you want from this relationship. In many cases, it is clear whether they will be able to become couples or not before they enter into a relationship. If during dating you feel that you will not be able to make him/her a partner, then end that relationship. Do not forcibly run the relationship for their happiness, as it may cause you more trouble later. 

Get away from the wrong partner :

Everyone looks good in the beginning. If you feel that after spending a lot of time together, your partner is not right or you don't like his/her behaviour, in such a situation, instead of keeping yourself in stress, distance yourself from the partner. This will be the right decision for you and your partner.

(Note : Jyada Tharakpan mai mat beh jao)