Thursday, December 5, 2019

He is Mia khalifas boyfriend & soon they are going to get married...

He is Mia khalifas boyfriend & soon they are going to get married...

Mia Khalifa who is a very popular name in the adult industry, even after leaving the industry a long time ago she is still the favourite Actress of them all. Adult movie star Mia Khalifa has recently surprised everyone by recently posting on her Twitter account of her marriage. Yes, you heard it right she is going to tie a knot to her long-time boyfriend Robert Sandberg. Mia Khalifa's post broke the hearts of thousands of her fans. Mia Khalifa got engaged to Robert Sandberg in March. Let's know how their lifestyle is.

The one with whom Mia Khalifa has photographed is Robert Sandberg, who is a professional chef. Robert has been fond of cooking since his childhood which he has revealed this through his many Instagram posts. Robert Sandberg and Mia Khalifa had been dating each other for a very long time. Both have always accepted their relationship. Many photos of their special chemistry with each other are captured and shared on social media by both. They have not kept anything secret between them as they have shared all the information regarding their relationship.

Here are Robert Sandberg's photos with Mia Khalifa which he has shared on his Instagram handle :

If you see Robert's social media account, he is a great chef. He has also received several awards for this. Through his Instagram post, Robert Sandberg said that Mia Khalifa was proposed for engagement in a romantic style. They always have a good time with each other as we can see in the photos.
Mia Khalifa was married to her high school friend but the relationship didn't last long as they got apart from each other in 2016.