Saturday, December 21, 2019

Some hilarious Memers were seen in the protest against CAB...

Some hilarious Memers were seen in the protest against CAB...

As we all know that from the time the CAB (Citizenship Amendment Bill) has passed there has been a lot of chaos in the whole country. We can also see many protesters coming up on the road to protest against the CAB in various parts of India. There is also a social media war against the government and the protesters.

But in the protest we can also see some people are following the current social media trend, that is memes to convey their message. Here we can see some of the hilarious posters made by the protesters and they are currently being viral on the social media sites.

Image source Instagram.

In some places the situation seemed to be worse as the protesters were pelting stones on buses, police personnel and also burning of vehicles took place in some places and in response to this police were given the orders to lathi charge as the situation went out of control. 

While some are seen opposing the bill, there are even some people who are in support of this bill. People are also coming up on the roads and welcoming the bill.

According to the reports till now, 11 people died which have taken place during the riots. Also in some parts of the country Schools and Colleges are shut today due to protest that is taking place.