Sunday, January 5, 2020

Almost 500 million animals died in the Australia blaze...

Almost 500 million animals died in the Australia blaze...

Currently, Australia is on fire. Like the Amazon jungle was on fire a few months back, the same thing has happened in Australia but the fire seems to be spreading more quickly than Amazon.

New South Wales in Australia is on fire. There is an estimate of almost 500 million animals have died which includes the small creatures as well. Many plants have also been killed in this big blaze in Australia. It has also a worse effect on the temperature as it has risen to its peak. There has been a rescue operation taking place and all the Emergency services are helping out to rescue the injured animals as well as people who are stuck in the fire.

Many animals are separated from their families. Also, many of them are severely injured. These animals are now been taken care of by the rescuers. A big mob of Kangaroos were caught on the cameras running from the blaze in New South Wales. The Koalas have also been hit the hardest because they are the slow movers and an estimate of 8000 Koalas have died in this blaze. The fire rescue team is also helping out the animals by giving them water and protecting them from fire.

(Images source : Instagram)

The plumes of smoke have almost covered the entire area rising the CO2 levels. Many people are been affected by this smoke as it is very dangerous to health. Over 20 people have also died in the blaze and many homes are also burned to the ground. Let us pray for Australia and our planet Earth.