Thursday, January 23, 2020

Grooms father runs with brides mother...

Grooms father runs with brides mother...

A sensational case has occurred in Surat, Gujarat. This is like a film scene here, the groom's father drove the bride's mother away during the wedding preparations of their children. After this incident, relatives of both the parties got into the matter and the marriage had to be stopped. 

It is being told that the two used to like each other when they were young. During the process of the marriage of their children, their old love once again rose and both took the big step of running away together. According to media reports, in the second week of February, the marriage of their children was going to take place, but from the past 10 days, the boy's 48-year-old father and the girl's 46-year-old mother are said to be missing. Due to this, all the preparations of marriage have come to a standstill. According to media reports, the groom's family lives in Katargam area, while the bride's house is in Navsari area in Gujarat. The groom's father and the bride's mother have been missing for ten days. According to Gujarat police, it is believed that the two have run away together. This is the most embarrassing moment for both the families because of the disappearance of both of them together.

The groom and the bride got engaged a year ago since then, the wedding preparations were going on in both the houses. Both belong to the same society and both were agreed to marry. But just a month before the wedding, everyone is shocked by the groom's father and the bride's mother running away together.

It is being said that the groom's father is a textile businessman and he also deals in property. He is also an active member of a political party. Originally, his family hails from Amreli district Gujarat. The groom's father was identified with the bride's mother since they were young. Both of them were neighbours in Katargam area. This is where their friendship started. It is here that their friendship turned into love. However, the two could not get married due to some circumstances. The bride's mother's family is from Bhavnagar and she was married to Diamond's artisan.