Saturday, January 4, 2020

Kylie Jenners celebrated new year eve this way, photos went viral...

Kylie Jenners celebrated new year eve this way, photos went viral...

Recently everyone welcomed the New Year with a boom. We have seen the whole world celebrating the New Year Eve and so did Kylie Jenner also did the same welcoming the New Year by parting with her friends. 

The 22-year-old, Kylie Jenner who is always in talks for some or the other reason is again breaking the internet with her party photos that went viral. Kylie Jenner who is very popular on social media sites with 156 million Instagram followers and a huge number of the following base on Facebook and Twitter as well. Recently she was seen partying with her friends on New Year Eve and shared the photo on Instagram. As soon as she uploaded the photos, it was totally flooded with likes and many comments. Many of them wished her for a great New Year ahead and liked the photo as well while some of them commented about violating the Instagram terms for uploading such a picture. But she doesn't care about such comments.

The photos that Kylie Jenner shared her on Instagram account :

(Image source Instagram)

Talking about the photo she is seen wearing the glittering silver colour dress and is enjoying the party with her mates. Recently her sister Kendall Jenner became highest-paid Instagram actress putting Kylie Jenner behind who was on the highest-paid actress list last year. She was also seen dancing on a Punjabi song in the party and that video also went viral on the social media.

The video was uploaded by her Fan on a Fanpage.