Saturday, January 18, 2020

This person says he cannot enjoy the prn videos without subtitles...

This person says he cannot enjoy the prn videos without subtitles...

A deaf person who is living in New York has filed a lawsuit against three prn websites alleging class discrimination. The person has said in his application that without subtitles he is not able to fully enjoy the content available on the websites.

In a petition that is been filed in the Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday, the complaint was filed by Yaroslav Suriz against three industry giants like P.hub, Rdtube and Youprn and against its main Canadian company MndGeek, saying they were violating the 'Americans with Disabilities Act (Americans with Disabilities Act)' and should look into this matter as they are facing the problems regarding the videos that are on their site and should also think about the people with disabilities. Even before this case, Suriz had also filed a lawsuit against the Fox News regarding this matter. In that, he had said that he wanted to watch some videos in the month of October and the current month, but could not do so.

Suriz wrote in his 23-page application that, Without the subtitles, people who are deaf and hard of hearing are not able to enjoy the videos completely, whereas ordinary people can do so. Suriz said that he wants the prn websites to be subtitled so it can be easily watched & enjoyed by people with disabilities and has also demanded some damages.

Cory Price who is the Vice President of P.Hub, has issued a statement saying that there is also a section with subtitled on their website and they have also given a link to it.