Saturday, January 4, 2020

Top 10 most hilarious memes from 2019...

Top 10 most hilarious memes from 2019...

Nowadays memes have just taken over the internet by storm and are shared on the social media sites. Anything unexpected happens around it has to become a meme the next day.

Whoever it maybe everyone is loving the new trend of memes thought it is a Kid or an Adult. In the year 2019, we have seen many memes on the Internet & we also saw each month had a new meme trend. So we are here with the Top 10 Memes that went super-viral on the social media sites in India 2019. 

Hindustani bhau:

A guy from India who came into limelight and became very popular amongst the youth as he responded to rivals of the country in his vulgar tone, who uploads video's on YouTube & become popular overnight. People just made a meme trend about his language used in his video's.

Harmonium chacha:

The Harmonium chacha who has a YouTube channel became a meme trend in no time. One of his funny Interview went viral on social media and that became very popular as a meme as well.

Chilling Chahal:

Indian Spinner Yuzvendra Chahal became a meme trend on social sites after he was watching the match in a relaxed position on the ground.

Paragliding guy:

Guy who went on Paragliding started to curse himself after the Paragliding took off. As he was seen very frightened in the video, which then became a meme.

Pakistani captain:

During the cricket World cup 2019, a match between India and Pakistan, Pakistan's captain's weird face was caught on the camera and that became the meme within no time.

Ranu Mondal:

A poor singer from the streets of West Bengal whose singing talent was recognized by the popular singer & composer Himesh Reshammiya. People trolled her for the Makeup, which then became a meme trend.

Peeche Dekho boy:

A little innocent kid who became popular as a meme after his 'Peeche Dekho' video went viral on social media.

Pakistani uncle:

The man who came to cheer his team but unfortunately the team did not do well & that sad expression was caught on the camera which further became a meme.

Sacred Games:

The very popular Indian web series memes went viral when its second part came out and many memes where made on it.

Narendra Modi:

The Prime Minister of India, whenever he uploads his new photo becomes a meme even this time his photo while looking at the Solar Eclipse went viral within no time and tons of memes were made on it.

With this many other meme also went viral but these were amongst the very popular ones.