Thursday, March 26, 2020

Condom sales boomed up after 21 days Lockdown announcement...

Condom sales boomed up after 21 days Lockdown announcement...

After the Corona Virus outbreak, all the sales of essential things have come done drastically in the whole world and no one has the clue when the market is again going to regain its status. 

The world is fighting against the deadliest virus and is looking for its cure. After the Corona Virus cases in India started increasing Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced complete Lockdown of the nation for 21 days on 24 th March. The Lockdown is said to be till 14 th April. As this Lockdown is said to get control over the Corona Virus. People violating the Lockdown rules may be fined or imposed into jail for 6 months. 

After the announcement of 21 days Lockdown people started to gather in the markets, supermarkets for the essential needs and there was chaos amongst the people. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also released a notice of not creating panic because all the essential things would not be closed during this period. While everything going around some of the top condom companies and even the medical owners claimed that there was a rise in the sales of condoms. 

In this busy schedule, people are giving less time to their love life. So this 21 days Lockdown period has given many of them a chance to give their precious time to their loved ones. The sale is said to be up by 25% to 50% this week. Most people prefer small packets, but due to this 3 week, long shutdown people are purchasing bigger packets. So the medical shops have also increased their stocks due to this sudden increase in demand.