Monday, March 16, 2020

Drinking Gaumutra keeps Corona Virus away according to them...

Drinking Gaumutra keeps Corona Virus away according to them...

As we all know that How much damage this Corona Virus had done to the society, the surrounding and the economy. Everyone is trying there best to fight against this deadly virus. 

Scientists from all over the world are looking for a cure for the deadly corona virus. But in Delhi, Hindusabha has found a different way to keep the corona virus away. In fact, the Hindu Mahasabha also organized the Gaumutra Party on Saturday in Delhi. During this time many people joined the party and drank cow urine. A video of this is going viral on the social media in which people are involved in Gaumutra Party. One the participant also claimed that the Prime Minister himself drinks cow urine. Not only this, but one of them also said that they would also send this cow urine to U.S President Donald Trump. Here is the video that went viral after the event :

In the video, a person is seen claiming that the virus gets into the normal water but the virus can never be produced in the cow urine. Another person said that there is no need to fear Corona as it will be absolutely fine if one drinks cow urine. One person claims that cow urine is such a medicine that people will not have any disease.

It is being said that about 200 people attended this event on Saturday. Many photos and videos of this event are also being shared on social media.