Tuesday, March 24, 2020

This is how people reacted to the hanta virus on twitter hilariously...

This is how people reacted to the hanta virus on twitter hilariously...

We can see how the whole world is coping up with the current deadly virus with scientists and researchers all over the world are finding and testing a vaccine on Corona Virus. While everything going on here comes another virus from china know as Hanta Virus.

Corona Virus who has brought the whole world to a standstill and has badly affected the economy of the world, as well as the best health care, has not been working in front of this virus. The Corona Virus cases which are growing day by day and have crossed  3.5 lakh positive cases worldwide and more than 17000 deaths. While more than 1 lakh people have also recovered from this deadly Virus. Here comes another virus which has already taken a life of 1 in China who was tested positive for this Virus.

How this virus spreads?

The virus is spread through rats. It spreads by moving off the rats indoors and outdoors, while the disease spreads when we touch a rat's stool, urine and touch our mouth with those infected hands. Experts say that this virus spreads in the air, if a person comes into contact with an infected person then there is a risk of spreading of this virus. This is also a deadly virus like corona and can spread faster.

Now let us show you how Twitterati have reacted to this virus from China. After a few hours from its news netizens couldn't keep calm and have started trolling China for this. Here are some of the memes :

In this way netizens reacted to it.