Monday, March 23, 2020

We can stay at our homes but what about this homeless people around us...

We can stay at our homes but what about this homeless people around us...

The situation in India has become like a health emergency due to the deadly disease of Corona virus. As a precaution, all the possible methods are being adopted. Special care is being taken for cleanliness around the surroundings.

Not only this ,in order to not gather people government has issued a notice to cinema halls, schools, colleges, malls, supermarkets to remain close untill further notice. Many offices have given work from home to their employees, overall people are very cautious about this virus. As by staying at home, the infection of the coron virus can be avoided. In such a situation, a big question arises that what about those people who do not have a house. How will those people avoid this situation? The real pain of these homeless people cannot be understood by us.

The situation in slums is also worse, as they stay next to a brook filled with plastic and other filth, childrens play every day around this dirt. Corona virus cases in India are increasing day by day. The figure has crossed 400. There is also a news of some people dying due to this disease. In such a situation these homeless people in cities and towns scares the most as they don't have proper masks, no hygiene and many such things which can spread this virus fast in the community, so we have to take care and help them if possible.

There is a big water problem in front of the slum dwellers. To stay away from corona virus, it is advisable to clean the hands frequently with soap and water, but where there is no clean water to drink from where will such people bring clean water to wash there hands.

There will be hardly any people living in such a place, who will buy things like hand sanitizers and masks to protect themselves from this virus. So everyone please stay at home and coordinate with the government officials, doctors, policeman's to help fight the virus.