Friday, April 3, 2020

After PM Modi's video message netizens can't keep calm and made hilarious memes...

After PM Modi's video message netizens can't keep calm and made hilarious memes... 

Amid the nationwide lockdown in the wake of Corona virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared many important things by sharing a video message with the people of the country today at 9 am. PM Modi appealed to the people to light a candle, lamp, flashlight or mobile torch for 9 minutes on 5th April at 9 pm by turning off all the lights of the house, standing at the door of the house or in the balcony.

PM Modi said The darkness that has arisen from this crisis has to be brought to light. We have to spread the intensity of light in all four directions. This Sunday on 5th April, we all have to challenge the darkness of Corona Virus. On April 5, we have to awaken the superpower and take the power of 130 crore people to a new height. On April 5, I want everyone nine minutes at 9 pm. Turn off all the lights of the house and stand in the door or in the balcony of the house and light a candle, lamp, torch or mobile torch and light it up for 9 minutes.

The Prime Minister said, "If you turn off the lights of the house, then there will be an idea of ​​that superpower of light." In that light, let us pledge that we are not alone, nobody is alone, 130 crore countrymen are determined with a determination. And one more important thing he said that 'No one has to gather at the time of this event'. The Lakshman Rekha of social distancing is never to be surpassed. On April 5 at 9 pm, sit alone and remember Maa Bharati, remember 130 crore people who will give us the strength to fight in the hour of crisis.

After the video message got over netizens couldn't keep calm and came up with hilarious memes on the social sites. Here are some of the memes by Twitterati's :

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Twitteratis can't keep calm.