Sunday, April 5, 2020

China sends Pakistan N95 masks made from underwear material...

China sends Pakistan N95 masks made from underwear material...

Pakistan who is fighting against the Corona virus has received a huge deception from its evergreen friend China. China is helping its close friend Pakistan by sending them medical supplies and other essential things to maintain its relationship.

Recently China has sent Pakistan masks made of undergarments in the name of high quality N-95 masks which are said to resist the corona virus germs. The Pakistani government when delivered to its hospitals, the doctors were surprised when they saw it. Doctors said that these corona virus masks are not preventable and are made up of undergarments. Here the Twitter user has shared this video on his Twitter handle :

A news channel of Pakistan NBTV has aired this news. This TV report says that China has given big lime to Pakistan and has sent them masks which are made up of undergarment instead of high quality N95 masks. China had promised to accompany Pakistan in the fight against the Corona virus and said it would send necessary medical supplies to them. 

In a letter to the Ministry of External Affairs, China has written that it would send its close friend Pakistan 2 lakh normal masks, two thousand N-95 masks, five ventilators and 2 thousand testing kits. However, it is not yet known whether any other medical supplies other than masks have been found to have any defect in it. The mask was made of undergarment material has openly revealed how much China is a 'good friend' of Pakistan. Now it is becoming fiercely viral on the social media as well. People are making fun of the Government of Pakistan. It will be interesting to see how the Pakistan government reacts to this. The videos and images are getting viral on the internet as many people have started trolling Pakistan. But some people are claiming that the video is fake and is not aired on the news channel.

There have been around 2,700 cases of corona virus infection in Pakistan till Saturday morning. Punjab Province has the highest number of cases i.e 920 infected corona patients, 783 in its Sindh province, 311 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 169 in Balochistan, 190 in Gilgit, 68 in Islamabad and 9 are said to be infected in PoK. The most affected country in the whole world is United States of America with highest number of cases.