Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Western countries adapt Indian style after a shortage of toilet paper...

Western countries adapt Indian style after a shortage of toilet paper...

Due to the spread of the Corona virus in India, there were reports of a shortage of face mask & hand sanitizers from the market. In addition to all these things, in countries like America and Europe, cases of shortage of toilet paper are also coming from the market.

In western countries, people have a greater dependence on toilet paper for cleaning. In such a situation, the picture of an empty rack of toilet paper in the supermarket is becoming very viral on social media. After this, it seems that the American people will shift to using water as the Indian people do. After the shortage of toilet paper, they can begin to change their lifestyle in the form of Bidets (Bidets are taps made for washing on the toilet seat itself like jet splash).

A person from Chicago recently tweeted a picture of his new Bidet that he has installed in his toilet on Twitter. He wrote in the tweet, "What is the need to buy a roll of toilet paper when we have bought a bidet."

The non-availability of toilet paper in Corona's scary environment is also not less than a major problem. Recently, the police in the northwestern US state of Oregon urged citizens concerned about the coronavirus epidemic to panic and not call 911 because of the lack of toilet paper in their house. Earlier, after the shortage of toilet paper, the Australian newspaper had printed an extra 8 pages within its newspaper and asked them to use it as toilet paper to the people. After Indian Namaste, now western countries are also adapting Indian Style of Cleaning which will also be helpful for the world.