Thursday, May 28, 2020

Google removes more than 7 million false reviews of Tiktok...

Google removes more than 7 million false reviews of Tiktok...

Tiktok a short video making Chinese app gained much popularity in a very short time and is one of the most downloaded apps on Google play store has seen an improvement in its rating.

After the YouTube vs TikTok controversy last week, the rating of  Chinese app TikTok on Google play store suddenly went down from 4.4 to 1.2 stars. Many people after this controversy started giving this app a low rating. After this Google started removing the negative reviews from the play store.

According to Norbert Elekes, " Google has taken any action against the negative reviews by the users and has deleted 1 million reviews earlier. After the removal of negative reviews, the app rating improved from 1.2 to 1.6. #Bantiktok became a trending hashtag on twitter after the controversy.

According to Google's policy, there were many false reviews on this app on play store as Google considers such reviews as bombing and thus deletes such ratings from the play store and now the rating again is 4.4.

Many popular YouTubers had made funny videos saying the short video making platform has a cringy content. They also said some of them copy their content and upload it on Tiktok without their permission and they get more views than them. Not only people from India started giving low rating but the whole world came into support and also demanded a ban on such app.