Monday, May 4, 2020

Liquor shops opened from today, netizens celebrated with memes...

Liquor shops opened from today, netizens celebrated with memes...

With new guidelines, the lockdown 3.0 has started from today. Different guidelines have been implemented according to the green, orange and red zones across the nation. 

Currently, permission is given to open the Liquor shops in the orange and green zones and also some shops are permitted in red zones with strict guidelines. From today morning onwards a very long queue was seen outside the liquor shops. The pictures from some parts are being viral on the internet. People where seen in the lines which were several kilometres long, in this case, people who are not following the social distancing, police are doing lathi charge on them, wherein some parts people are following the rules are also seen wearing a mask. While some people have raised questions on giving permission to liquor shops, whether it is necessary in this pandemic.

In Chhattisgarh, after the opening of liquor shops, a huge crowd was seen gathering near the liquor shops, breaking all the rules. Not only liquor shops but in some states with very few numbers of cases Saloon shops were also given permission, saloon shops in Panjim, Goa were seen open. People here were seen following the social distancing with due care. While every such thing going in the country people who are sitting at home following the lockdown are currently enjoying the memes that netizens have posted on the internet regarding the liquor shops opening. Here are some memes from Twitter :

Memes from Twitter :

Some more memes :

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