Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Video of locust attack in Rajasthan went viral, destroyed many farms...

Video of locust attack in Rajasthan went viral, destroyed many farms...

Already the country is dealing with the corona virus, now from Monday onwards a group of locust have started attacking the farms and have destroyed many.

A swarm of locusts have on Monday morning attacked several parts of Rajasthan, which destroyed the crops and now are invaded in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and eastern part of Maharashtra. This is the first time they have attacked in the summer. Here is the video that went viral on the social media :

African countries were the original locust breeding centres. It used to take a lot of time to come to India from Africa, but from last year they made their breeding centres on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. As the Pakistani government did not take any efforts to control them, so now the attacks are taking place frequently. 

On Sunday night, a swarm of locust entered in some house's as well. Many trees and farms were also destroyed by them.

Agriculture commissioner said that the locust attack has destroyed more than 37 thousand hectors of area. A similar attack took place last year. Several measures are been taken to get rid of this locusts. In many district's they have sprayed the chemicals on the crops. He also said compensation of 150 crores is also sanctioned by the government. They are also taking the help of fire brigades as the locusts have started sitting up on the higher altitudes to save themselves from the chemicals. Because of this even other states are put on high alert.